Prepare for honeymoon in HCMC

| Destination wedding in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City has now become one of the most suitable places in South East Asia for a honeymoon. So what should you prepare for a trip heading to this city?

Block the sun

With a country near equatorial like Vietnam, the sun shines quite hard and if you don’t have any protection, your complexion can get hurt by  UV rays. So prepare yourself with hat, sunglasses and sun scream with SPF up to 30. However, for a honeymoon at Vietnamese beach, you should have more awareness for blocking the sun like using super high SPF sun cream etc.


It is the rainy time in HCMC from around May to August so you should bring your umbrellas or raincoats with you in case of sudden rain.


Vietnamese people don’t like too sexy clothes. They are still reserved so mind your clothes when you pack for honeymoon there. It’s not like you can’t wear comfortable clothes but if you go to some religious or historic places, you should wear T-shirt, long jeans etc.

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HCMC has a lot of streets and paths and alleys so if you don’t want to get lost there, the most appropriate you should bring along is a map or some devices have GPS. Besides, make sure you have an advanced plan for a perfect honeymoon in this lovely city.