The latest wedding flowers trends in wedding season 2013 – 2014

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Wedding flowers are meaningful and indispensable elements for the brides on their wedding day. They not only make gracefulness and elegance stand out but also express the brides’ soul. It must be said that brides having a delicate spirit and sentiment on life will really care about their bouquets. Different types of flowers have different messages and sense, represent distinct personalities, special styles and harmony of color and wedding dresses. Please join in discovering the latest bridal bouquet trends with Bliss Wedding Planner in Vietnam to have a good choice and decide the messages that you want to send on your happiest day of life.


wedding flowers

1.                 Classical monochromatic bouquets

For brides who love traditional style, monochromatic bouquets having only one color of flowers like red roses, white roses, white orchids, etc in a bunch are always the perfect choice. They will give the brides pure and gentle beauty on their greatest day.

Classical monochromatic bouquets
Classical monochromatic wedding flowers will give the brides pure and gentle beauty

2.                 Multicolor bouquets

According to this trend, wedding bouquets will be designed interestingly from many colors of flowers to express creativeness and preference of modern brides. They can be changed from gentle style to prominent personality, including colors such as pink, white, light orange, green, red, dark purple, etc. In Vietnam, it is easy to find out many kinds of flowers having bright colors like gerberas, roses, orchids, daisies, cockscomb, calla lily… The brides can also make the most impressive wedding flowers by themselves. For those brides who choose white dresses, polychromatic bouquets will be really striking.


Gentle style  wedding flower
Gentle style with the combination of bright colors


Strong colors  wedding flower
Strong colors coordinated to express personality

3.                 Vintage style wedding flowers 

Besides sophisticated cascading bouquets, vintage style is chosen increasingly by a large number of brides. The bouquets often have natural structure, and include many kinds of flowers such as sunflowers, hydrangeas, peonies, iris, lotus, asters, etc. The main flowers will be bigger than auxiliary ones. Because the advantage of this style is simple, the brides can completely make their own bouquets. In addition, hot, dark and strong colors are also selected by many couples for their wedding in coming winter.

Sunflowers are preferred because of bright yellow color

flowers in a bunch
There can be many kinds of flowers in a bunch

4.     Bouquets made from high-class flowers 

Because it is the most important day of life, many brides do not hesitate to order high-class flowers imported from foreign countries as peonies, iris for making their beautiful and unique bouquets. In Vietnam, there are only some shops in Ho Chi Minh City provide these kinds of flowers, so they will be shipped to the brides in other provinces if requested. 

high-class flowers
Peonies symbolize permanent marriage and happy life, so they are preferred by many couples on their wedding day

5.     Handmade style wedding flowers

With the rise of handmade trends, many brides order or make their own bouquets. Not too much fresh flowers, a wide range of impressive materials like paper, fabrics, beads, necklaces… are used. Each bouquet will have different design, but it is very important to avoid being boring or showy by paying attention to color combination. Moreover, different bouquets are suitable for different wedding styles. For example, a bouquet made from papers is appropriate for a simple wedding; otherwise, a sophisticated bouquet using twinkling beads or crystals is just perfect in luxurious wedding space.


Handmade style wedding flowers
The brides will not worry about faded bouquets as fresh flowers

6.     Metal bridal bouquets

Metal wedding flowers appeared in wedding of the western royal and aristocratic families in the 19th century. They have been introduced into Vietnam recently as an up-to-date trend because of their originality and impression. 

This kind of bouquets has many designs and colors to choose. With decoration of precious stones and metal jewelries, they will give the brides luxurious beauty. Metal accessories can be combined with chiffon flowers or silk flowers. Especially, if colors, fittings and arrangement are altered, the bouquets will change too. Besides using expensive materials, some of modern bouquets created from common bracelets, hairpins… make the brides more impressive and unique on their happiest day. After that, it will be not difficult to keep the bouquet as a remembrance of the wedding.

Metal bridal bouquets
Metal bouquets will give the brides luxurious beauty

Not only gorgeous bridal dresses and unique photos, appropriate wedding flowers are also important and integral on the greatest day. Therefore, it is necessary to consider carefully all relevant factors such as, color, design, wedding style, clothing, etc. to have a good decision.