Vietnamese engagement day taboo

| wedding custom in VietNam

If your future husband/ wife is a Vietnamese and his/ her family is too traditional paying much attention to and caring about your wedding, you should know about Vietnamese engagement  taboos so as to avoid doing things wrong and leave a bad impression on your partner’s families.

The Vietnamese tradition engagement has a lot of taboo and each of them is carefully considered by the elder.

When the groom and his family comes to the bride’s house, the bride must stay in her room until she is told to come out, if not, she will be considered as not well-educated.

In the Northern of Vietnam, there is a custom in the engagement ceremony that the groom uses his hand to torn the palm tree branch and the bride places the betel leaves in order at the same time. Whoever do the job faster will be the one take control in their house.

And when the bride go with the groom to his house, she cannot turn her head behind in order to look at her house. The elder believe if she do so, she is a subborn girl and the couples will not live in peace.

In wedding Vietnam, Bride’s mother cannot come with the bride to groom house because in the future, the bride will want to go back to her house instead living with her husband.

On the other hand, the groom’s mother should not wait for her daughter-in-law at the fornt door in the engagement day. It will help to avoid “women argument” in the future.

Last but not least, the pregnant bride cannot walk to her husband house by the front door, she must go in by the back door so as not to prevent the development of his family.