Wedding Ceremony in Vietnam

| Wedding ceremony in VietNam

As a rich traditional country, wedding ceremony in Vietnam has a lot of customs and steps to follow, which may cause many troubles to not only Vietnamese but also foreigner if they do not research about it.

wedding ceremony in vietnam

VietNam wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony in Vietnam is divided into 2 parts: before and in the wedding day.

The first part contained many of ceremony such as “le dam ngo” which is the groom’s side comes to the bride’s with traditional gifts so that both of the sides know about the wedding later.

traditional gifts in Vietnamese wedding ceremony

Traditional gifts in Vietnamese wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremory

After that is “le hoi” or “le van danh” also known as the engagement ceremony in Western country. In this ceremony, the groom’s side wrap the gifts like tea, betel nuts etc. in pink cover and present to bride’s relative. This is also the official annoucement of the wedding for both sides. Parents will set the wedding day in this ceremony. From times to times, nowadays in Vietnam, this ceremony is held the same day with the wedding to save time. But in some province, they still separate this ceremony a day weeks or months before the wedding day.

One of the important thing in wedding ceremony in Vietnam

One of the important thing in Viet Nam wedding ceremony

Mother in wedding

The second part is wedding ceremony. It begins with “le ruoc dau” or “le xin dau”, this means that the groom’s side brings gifts to bride’s to propose and take bride home. This is a lot of things to do and plenty of things to avoid in this ceremony. If your partner is Vietnamese, you should ask for details about this and follow the rules strictly.

"Le ruoc dau" - The beginning of wedding ceremony in Vietnam

The beginning of wedding ceremony in Vietnam

Finally is the wedding ceremony, it depends on which style the couples want. If the couple is Christian, the ceremony will follow the church rules. If the couples want a traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony, they can have it at home after “le ruoc dau” ceremony. This one will be hosted by the groom and brides parents so that they don’t have to do much things in this ceremony.

Vietnamese traditional wedding ceremony

Vietnamese traditional wedding ceremony