Wedding Tips for bride in Vietnam

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If you are going to tie the knot with a destination wedding in Vietnam or your fiancé is Vietnamese and your wedding is to be held there, just take some necessary wedding tips for brides in Vietnam.

Wedding tips for bride in Vietnam

Wedding tips for bride in Vietnam

Make up

Since Vietnam is a tropical country with humid and hot weather, the make up will be influenced. It can get faded easily and cause some troubles to the bride. To prevent those things, the bride should choose the make up artist carefully and have some rehearsal with him before wedding day 2 or 3 weeks time. Furthermore, because this is your big day, you can totally have no hesitation on requiring other make up styles or choosing the brands which are suitable for your skin in hot weather. On other hands, if you plan your wedding around Autumn in Vietnam, please mind the rain and use products that waterproof.

Wedding dress

The style for wedding dress Viet nam is the same as the Western style and newest wedding trends. With a weather like Vietnam, brides should wear dresses made from light cloth such as lace or chiffon.

However, as Vietnam is a traditional country, you should keep in mind about the elder in your wedding. Do they like a sexy wedding dress? Or too short one? It maybe lack of your own perpestive in decision but you can make good impression to your parents-in-law and relatives.  

Hair style

One easy-to-see difference from bridal hairstyle in Western countries and Vietnam is that the Vietnamese brides always have up do. The reason is that hair style fit well not only wedding dress but also Vietnamese traditional dress – ao dai.