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In Vietnam, brides often prepare both the traditional wedding dress Viet Nam – Ao Dai – and other modern dresses for this occasion. The Wedding dress in a VietNamese wedding is an integral part of the proceedings that will make the bride radiantly beautiful on the most important day of her life. Nowadays, most of the brides are interested not only in color and materials but also design and style of the dress.

wedding dress viet nam
The patterns of phoenix on the whole body of the dress bring the most regal and luxurious beauty to the bride.

The Ao Dai is worn in engagement ceremony and in the wedding, especially when the groom’s procession arrive the bride’s home to receive and bring her to his house. The advantages of the traditional wedding dress Viet Nam are discreet, subtle, and suitable for many statures as well as skin color. These charming gowns set off all curves of woman’s body, and represent feminineness and gracefulness. The highlights created sophisticatedly by national patterns on bosom and body parts of the dress, for example, kettledrum, lotus, bamboo, phoenix, …symbolize good luck, and bring the most regal, luxurious and elegant beauty to Vietnamese brides.

With appropriate color and design, the Ao Dai will help the bride be striking and attract the others. This kind of wedding dress viet nam is made of various materials such as lace, silk, chiffon due to its features of softness and lissomness. It is not by chance that the traditional wedding dress Viet Nam would be attractive and prominent colors like red, white, pink, yellow, blue, etc. All of them make their sense, and bring good things. Among these colors, the red Ao Dai are often chosen by most of brides for wedding dress Viet Nam because they contribute to brilliance for the wearer on the greatest day of life. Red is also the color of youthfulness and passion. In particular, the red Ao Dai represent good luck and prosperity as a wish for a comfortable life of the couples.  

The red Ao Dai are the most suitable choice because they make the brides outstanding, and fit the place where is decorated to hold the ceremony.

Pink – the youthful, sweet and charming beauty

wedding dress viet nam

Yellow – color of freshness and vitality – brings gentle, luxurious and original beauty to young brides on their happy day.

White – the beauty of purity and radiance as blossoming flowers.

White – the beauty of purity and radiance as blossoming flowers.

Besides the traditional Ao Dai, Vietnamese brides also change modern wedding dresses in the party when receiving guests and friends. In recent times, wedding dresses reflect clearly the brides’ personality. Bridal fashion is very diversified and abundant. Every year, there is hundreds of wedding dress collections launched by a large number of designers around the world, from fishtail dresses showing sexy curves of the body to décolleté ones flaunting tender beauty, or romance and sophistication expressed by lance dresses, etc. The following are some trends of wedding dress preferred currently:

1.                 Lace dresses for gentle brides

Lace has no sign of cooling in the past few years yet, especially in bridal field. In wedding season of this year, this material is increasingly loved, exploited and used absolutely for both bosom and body of the dress, or decorated along the bobbing lines on the body part. Moreover, it is easy to create glamorous patterns or delicate cut-outs showing slender shoulder of the brides. The wedding dress viet nam with lace will give the brides charm, sweetness and romance.

Lace suits the brides having slim stature, white and smooth skin.

Lace suits the brides having slim stature, white and smooth skin.

2.                 Fishtail wedding dresses

Gorgeous fishtail design is a remarkable style at present. With the combination of romance and luxury, the brides will be taller, slimmer and more lissome because of the embracement of curves, especially hips and waist. 

wedding dress viet nam

Mannered brides can choose fussy fishtail skirts. In addition, lace or ribbon borders will create visual effect, make all curves stand out, and give sexy and gorgeous beauty.

3.                 Off the shoulder wedding dresses

Wedding dresses off the shoulder are suitable for young brides who want to be sexy but still gentle. Some skirts just show a bit graceful shoulder, others are more audacious by baring shoulder and the beautiful curve of bust.

This kind of dress will make the brides sexy and gentle.

This kind of dress will make the brides sexy and gentle.

4.                 Backless wedding dresses

The low back dresses fit to the shape of the brides’ body, and flatter their beauty with elegant neck as well as tapering back. It is sure that the brides will be the center of attention on their wedding day. 

wedding dress viet nam

These skirts are especially for the brides who have light, nice anh smooth skin

5.                 Strapless wedding dresses

Young brides will be very fascinating and feminine thanks to the design of holding close chest with a V-neckline. Silky and velvety shoulder, taper neck and seductive bust are accentuated by strapless wedding dresses.

Strapless wedding dresses

Strpless wedding dresses fit the brides having plump bosom anh narrow shoulder.

6.                 Short wedding dresses

Short skirts giving the brides youthful, dynamic beauty and individuality have been more and more popular in the wedding of young couples recently. They are chic, hip and so cute. In comparison with traditional bridal dresses, they also have multiform design, materials, patterns or accessories in order to satisfy the brides’ needs. Moreover, they contribute to show off slim legs and draw all eyes of the guests.

Short wedding dresses

The neat and tidy design will help the brides feel comfortable while giving their guest reception in wedding party or taking outdoor wedding photos.

If you are going to be a bride, you need to prepare your clothing well, and they will be really special and make strong impression on the greatest day of life. Each type of dress including the traditional Ao Dai and modern wedding skirts has its own seductive and unique beauty. Therefore, you should consult experts to have good choice. With professional staff, Bliss Wedding Planner will provide you with the latest bridal fashion trends, offer necessary advice to choose suitable and striking dresses, and help you become a beautiful bride on your happy day. Come to us to enjoy the best service!